PSICK Lab - PE based setup

A lab setup based on PSICK.

You can reproduce the same by running vagrant up under vagrant/environments/lab (some integrations between Puppet Enterprise and GitLab have been done manually):

Note that this is a non High Available testing and development infrastructure, some of these services might not always be available (an NGINX bad gateway error implies that the backend server is down): - Puppet OSS based setup

  • Puppet OSS. Puppet Master of the foss environment nodes.
  • GitLab. A GitLab instance (not active by default)
  • Sensu. Login: sensu:sensu. An Uchiwa installation. (not active by default)
  • Icinga. Login: guest:guest. An Icinga installation. (not active by default).
  • Graphite - Graphite and grafana frontends (not active by default).
  • Foreman - A Foreman installation (not active by default).
  • Jenkins - Jenkins instance (not active by default).